What Should be Your Sleep Routine after a Hair Transplant?

Modern hair transplant surgeries have become increasingly simpler with advancements in technology. However, it is still important to take appropriate care after the procedure in order to optimize the healing process. One common concern is the correct way of sleeping after a hair transplant surgery. Sleep is of utmost importance to get proper rest but so is the healing of your scalp after the surgery. It hence becomes necessary to maintain a sleep routine in the initial days after the procedure.
In order to ensure healthy recovery of the scalp, it is also of significance to follow a nutritional diet and be hydrated. Food consumed must be rich in all the nutrients as your body would be in immediate requirement for the same. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals is the
go-to for faster recovery, aiding in aftercare to a great extent. One of the most common concerns people come up with is how exactly one should sleep. Here are some insights that might help you with the same.

Tips to follow while sleeping after the procedure
● Always maintain cleanliness

Cleanliness is really the key to helping your skin from the scalp heal properly. Use clean and
washed bed linens; this will keep infection at bay. Use detergents that are free from any allergens which might cause swelling or other infections to prevail. Remember, your scalp is very sensitive during the first few weeks after the procedure and so, all the above points
should be diligently followed.

● Sleep in an elevated position

Sleeping in the right position is significant as the blood flow to your head is directly linked to
this. You must take care to not direct the blood flow towards your head as it might affect your scalp and cause it to swell. Keeping your head elevated would help immensely as it would restrict any unnecessary blood flow to the operated region. You could also use neck pillows to keep your head from falling forward after sleeping.

● Avoid strenuous activities that cause perspiration

During the first 8-14 days after the surgery, it becomes important for you to do any activity or exercise that might cause sweating. Doing such activities increases the chances of your scalp getting infected and prone to swelling, ultimately affecting the results of the surgery. It is also advised to keep your scalp dry but away from direct sunlight, at least for 2 weeks. Keep yourself hydrated at all times as this would really help in the restoring process.

● Follow the instructions by your surgeon

Every individual experiences varied reactions to a hair transplant surgery and it is thus advised to follow the instruction given by your surgeon. This is also due to the reason that your surgeon will know your issues better and will help you solve them effectively.

● Avoid touching and scratching your scalp

The operated area is highly sensitive and is very likely to experience itchiness, swelling, bruising and redness. This could be avoided by not touching the area operated upon. If you follow the tips and instructions correctly, the symptoms might go away much before. Usually,
they last for about a span of 14 days after surgery.

A small tip is to avoid the consumption of alcohol and smoking. Abiding by this can aid in fastening the healing process of your scalp. What you also need is patience. It might be challenging to do so but nevertheless, has benefitting results!

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