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Body hair transplant is the procedure in which body hair are transplanted to the scalp in order to restore the hair on the bald area. Hair can be taken from any part of the body. Darling Buds Hair Transplant Center is one of the leading clinics for those who are looking for the best clinic for body hair transplant in Yamuna Nagar. Generally in the hair transplant process, the hair follicles are taken from the area of the scalp having thick growth of hair. But what about the completely bald persons? The procedure of body hair transplant to head is suitable for such persons.

The Best FUE Body Hair Transplant in Yamuna Nagar

We use the FUE method of hair transplant. This is a minimally invasive technique and always brings the best results to the patients. However, the success of the hair transplant depends largely on the skill and experience of the doctor. We have the best body hair transplant surgeons in Yamuna Nagar.

Body Hair Transplantation Cost

We bring the best hair transplant services for our customers. We have done 3000+ successful FUE transplantations and today, we have more than 3000 happy customers. For our customers, we are one of the best clinics for body hair transplant in Yamuna Nagar. Select us to get the best results at an affordable cost.

Hair transplant methods are used to restore pattern baldness permanently. FUT and FUE techniques of hair transplantation, the success rates of hair transplantation has increased considerably. We are expert in treating both makle and female pattern baldness with our new advanced ANAGEN Q+ technology and procedure. In the hair transplant procedure, hair follicles are taken from the area of the scalp where the density of hair is more. What if, there is a lack of sufficient donor area? Then doctors will go for body hair transplant. The body hair transplant has now become popular among surgeons and patients. Darling Buds is a leading player in body hair transplant in Yamuna Nagar and has been doing hair transplant surgeries since 2009.


The conventional FUT hair transplantation technique involves the extraction of a strip of hair from the part of the scalp where a high density of hair is present. This technique is more prone to leave scars on the donor site. Sometimes, the hair follicles are available in a limited quality on the donor site. In such cases, doctors extract hair follicles from the other patriots of the body including beard, chest, arms, and legs. This technique is known as body hair transplant.

In the method FUE, individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor site. Therefore, in this technique, the chances of visible scars are less. Also, this process of haier transplant is minimally invasive.

Since we are one of the leading clinics for body hair transplant in Yamuna Nagar, all the surgeries are taken into great care at our clinic.


Because of the removal of strips of hair follicles, the chances of scars are high in FUT hair transplantation surgery. On the other hand, FUE involves the removal of individual hair follicles. This technique ensures that the patients are left with no visible scars.

Body Hair Transplant

The body hair transplant of the proper combination of scalp and body hair. Here are some of the important aspects associated with this technique of hair transplant.

Promising results

The balance of right density and blend gives the transplanted hair a natural appearance. Before performing the body hair transplantation, the specialists perform several tests to determine the growth rate of the hair on different body parts like beard, chest, etc. These sample results help patients to make decisions for hair transplantation. The advancements of technology in the field of hair transplant assures patients longer and thicker growth results of body hair transplants. Being one of the leading clinics for body hair transplant in Yamuna Nagar, we promise the best results to our patients.

Expenses of the process

Talking about the body hair transplant cost in Yamuna Nagar, the process of body hair transplant is more expensive than that of the hair restoration techniques. The body hair transplant is a time consuming and complex process. Therefore, it requires intensive training and skill. The success rate of the procedure is determined by the extraction and replantation and only experienced surgeons like Dr. Bhatti accepts such cases. The density of body hair is not fixed. It varies depending upon the area. This makes it difficult to find multiple grafts on the body. But to create the pleasant results, it is necessary to have a significant amount of grafts. These challenges have made the body hair transplantation an expensive surgery as compared to regular hair transplant surgeries. It is almost double the cost.

Selection of the right candidate

The selection of the patient for a particular hair transplantation surgery plays an important role for the procedure to work efficiently. Excessive baldness in patients is also one of the important factors for selection for the right candidate for a particular hair transplant. The following points help doctors select the right candidate for body hair transplantation.

The number of grafts for hair transplantation depends upon the area of body parts. Beard hair being thicker than the leg hair, can grow longer than the shorter hair on other body parts. Having years of experience in the field hair transplantation, Dr. Bhatti is the best body hair transplant surgeon in Yamuna Nagar.

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There are a number of clinics that offer professional body transplantation services at low costs. Darling Buds is one of the recognized clinics for body hair transplantation in Yamuna Nagar. We have personalised plans for hair transplantation for every individual. The proper graft harvesting along with the safety measures makes us provide the effective results. Body hair transplantation in extensive baldness is the hallmark of our medical practice. The surgeons and medical staff at our clinic have undergone a training programme to earn their roles. Therefore, if you are looking for the best clinic for body hair transplant in Yamuna Nagar, you can visit our clinic.

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