About Dr. Tejinder Bhatti

Dr Tejinder Bhatti’s Darling Buds Clinic, located at Chandigarh, India, is today regarded as one of the first international clinics totally dedicated to FUE hair transplant. It is the first clinic in the world, previously doing 100% FUT hair transplants, to completely transform into a ‘FUE only’ hair transplant center as long back as 2009. You are witness to the fact that the world over this change over is being replicated in clinics which were earlier doing FUT only. For, FUE has become a force to reckon with due to quality hair transplant results giving enviable, reproducible results, case after case. Today, FUE is the procedure of choice of a discerning client like you and many more. Dr Tejinder Bhatti believes that the following points are important to maintain a high level of a long-lasting patient- doctor relationship especially in the field of hair transplant.

  • The training of the doctor and his team
  • Low attrition rate of key staff members
  • Personal interaction (e-mails/phones/Video calls) with clients spread over multiple weeks if not months before the client signs up
  • Sate of the art care
  • Economical prices

These 5 points act as a charter for the Clinic to ensure we get world class results and happy patients year after year. It is a matter of pride that the clinic does not engage in aggressive marketing or patient-stalking like most others in this immensely competitive market in India and elsewhere. If you happen to mail us or walk in to Darling Buds, you can be rest assured that our staff who have your contact details shall never call you up and pester you endlessly like you shall experience elsewhere. It is only after you have done your research that you should call up a clinic and accept the doctor as your hair transplant surgeon. We want the business you bring and do appreciate it, but we respect your choice of surgeon and your privacy much more.

Majority of our clients today come by word of mouth. This we have seen is the best form of marketing. It has resulted only after years of dedication of Dr Bhatti and his team. We aim to heap loads of happiness in each client and he reciprocates by sending us clients who are either his friends or relatives and acquaintances who have seen him happily growing hair.

Though you are not obliged to do so, we shall look forward to you to recommend us to those you know once you are happy with our services and the results we have to offer.

For you are our ambassador and our only advertisement!

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