Body Hair Transplant

Pattern baldness requires hair transplant methods to restore hair permanently. With techniques of FUT and FUE, the success rate of these procedures has increased considerably. We treat male and female pattern baldness, eyebrows, moustaches, beards, pubic and burns with our new advanced ANAGEN Q+ technology and procedure. In the case of extensive baldness and lack of sufficient donor area, the alternative of Body Hair Transplant has become popular among surgeons and patients alike. Darling Buds is a forerunner i this field and we have been doing BHT since 2009. We do large numbers of cases with extensive baldness where we need to requisition BHT grafts to cope with the area and level of baldness in such cases.


The conventional Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) is the process of harvesting follicles from the scalp of the donor and transplanting them into the balding areas of the scalp. But often, the limited supply of follicles is inadequate in covering up the balding. In these severe cases of alopecia, the surgeons remove hair follicles from beard, chest, arms, and legs to use as a source.
The method of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is custom suited for Body Hair Transplant purposes. Each follicular unit involves individual extraction in this process, instead of removing a strip of hair bearing the skin. The post-operative circular wounds heal quickly, and the process is less agonizing for the patients. The transplant process covers the balding area more thoroughly with the use of the selectively removed grafts.


The scars left from FUT surgeries disfigure the appearance of an individual. On the other hand, the FUE method ensures that the patients leave with no visible scars by employing the process of harvesting individual matching follicles from large areas utilising fine calibrated punches and CIT blades.

Opting for Body Hair Translplant

An important part of Body hair Transplant is a proper combination of body and scalp grafts. Here are the important aspects confiding with this technique.

1. Promising Results


The balance of right density and blend gives the hair a naturally full appearance. Often, the specialists perform small test cases with the help of a limited number of body hairs to determine growth rate and evaluate results. These sessions help the patients decide to commit to the long process, depending upon satisfaction with the sample results. The relatively new technique in the field assures longer and thicker growth results of Body Hair Transplant. The recognition of this valuable alternative procedure has advanced the technology applied in the domain.

2. Expenses of the Process

The delicate process of Body Hair Transplant is more expensive amongst the hair restoration techniques. The time consuming, labor intensive, and a quite complex process of extracting hair follicles requires intensive training and skill. The extraction and replantation determine the success rate of the procedure, and only proficient surgeons like Dr Bhatti accept such cases. Body hair density varies depending upon the area, and it is rare to find multiple grafts with body hair. As a result, a significant amount of graft is necessary to create pleasing results. Considering these added challenges of the procedure, the expenses of Body hair Transplant is higher than regular arrangements. It is almost double the cost!

3. The right candidate for the Process

The patient selection process is crucial for the procedure to work adequately. The primary criterion is the relative lack of traditional head donor hair. Extensive baldness in patients and inefficient results of prior surgeries are also essential aspects of patient determination.

  • Individuals that have sufficient terminal hairs over beard, chest, legs, arms and other body parts are the ideal candidates for this procedure.
  • In the cases where donor scalp hair is insufficient to provide proper coverage, the Body hair Transplant method is effective.
  • When previous restoration surgeries leave meager coverage of bald spots, this procedure is effective in achieving aesthetic restoration results quickly.
  • When the scalp donor hair requires improvement for fitting coverage of the recipient area, the FUE Body Hair Transplant process helps to combine the grafts and provide natural density.
  • People with linear FUT scars in their donor area usually opt for Body Hair Transplant. The process of camouflaging and covering up the visible scars , helps restore the appearance of the individual.
  • Specialists employ fine caliber body hair to soften the natural appearance of the restoration. This is typically done along the hairline and temple point areas.

The number of grafts to transplant depends upon the body part area. Beard hair, though much coarser than leg hair can grow longer than the shorter hair of other body parts.

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A number of clinics offer professional services of Body Hair Transplant at a low price. At Darling Buds under the care of Dr Bhatti, with personalized plans for every individual, proper graft harvesting, and adequate safety measures assisted through excellent team of professionals, our services assure satisfying results. BHT in Extensive baldness is the hallmark of our practise. The acclaimed surgeons and other medical staff working at the facility receive rigorous training to earn their roles, and their skills have garnered credit from all over the world. The options of quality assurance pay, focus on efficiency with single session procedures, and postoperative recovery in the clean environment city of Chandigarh has made the facility popular among patients across borders. Therefore, if you too are looking out to get away with your hair loss miseries, you can always visit us online or in person.