5 Rivers Hair Transplant Clinic

Dr Akanxa Bhatti, MBBS
Dr Akanxa Bhatti, MBBS
Managing Director

Dr. Akanxa Bhatti, my daughter, started her own new venture, 5 Rivers Hair Transplant Clinic, in the same building (5 Rivers Hospital) that our family owns. Whereas Darling Buds Clinic is on the 3rd floor, this new Clinic will be on the ground level and will be functional on Jan 1, 2019.

She has decided to go into the larger and more financially rewarding low-cost hair transplant market in India. She will be doing the procedure herself only in selected cases which is a norm for the low-cost Indian market. The Clinic aims to do around 3 hair transplants in a day and will be staffed with 2 other doctors and handpicked nursing and technician staff. The staff is trained at Darling Buds Clinic.

Dr. Akanxa Bhatti has been attending Various hair transplant Meetings & Workshops in India and abroad since the past one year.

I wish her great luck.

To ensure quality & results I will be supervising all cases for quality for the next 12 months.
The cost of Hair Transplant in Dr. Akanxa Bhatti’s Five Rivers Hair Transplant Clinic will be as under

Cost of Scalp Graft

50 cents (INR 35) for 3000 and above scalp grafts
75 cents (INR 50) for less than 2000-3000 scalp grafts
90 cents (INR 65) for less than 2000 scalp grafts.

(*Cost of body grafts will be double the cost of scalp grafts.)

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